Madeline L. Stout
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Madeline L. Stout - Author, Artist, and Editor

Author of the children's chapter book seires Once Upon a Unicorn and The Moon Princess.
ONCE UPON A UNICORN: Nine-year-old Ora is a normal girl who likes to fantasize about a magical land full of unicorns. Then one day, a white mare gallops up to her and leads her to the place she thought she had created, the land of Radona. There, she learns that the princess has been kidnapped, and that the unicorns need her help to save her. Magic and adventure awaits in Once Upon a Unicorn.

Books 1 & 2 Available Now
NEW FROM GLASS VALKYRIE STUDIOS: I have recently done a collection of artworks based off of the Disney Princess Designer Collection from 2011. Keep an out for prints coming soon.
NEW FROM FANTASIA DIVINITY: The ghost anthology, SEE THROUGH MY EYES, is available now!
"...All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"
Edgar Allan Poe-

Creating fantastical worlds one heroic damsel at a time...

I am a writer, editor and artist who loves creating worlds far beyond this one, be it with a story or a drawing. Check out my latest artwork and stories.

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  1. Designer Collection #1 - Rapunzel
    Designer Collection #1 - Rapunzel
  2. Designer Collection #2 - Snow White
    Designer Collection #2 - Snow White
  3. Designer Collection #3 - Aurora
    Designer Collection #3 - Aurora
  4. Designer Collection #4 - Ariel
    Designer Collection #4 - Ariel
  5. Designer Collection #5 - Jasmine
    Designer Collection #5 - Jasmine
  6. Designer Collection #6 - Pocahontas
    Designer Collection #6 - Pocahontas

Current Projects

  1. The Black Veil
    Middle Grade Fantasy Novel - WIP Today I started a new novel. This one is for my late granny and my grandfather who has just been diagnosed with cancer. This I guess is my way of honoring them and trying to cope with what is going on.
  2. Once Upon a Unicorn
    Children's Fantasy Chapter Book Series - Volume 1 - Available Now! Volume 2 - Release date TBA Volume 3 - Editing Volume 4 - Plotting
  3. Moonstruck
    MOONSTRUCK is a story that takes place in the same world/universe as ONCE UPON A UNICORN. This story focuses on Queen Moonbeam before she took the throne. This will be a novella along with a comic series.